Curvier Plus Figure Enhancement Formula

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What is Curvier Plus, capsules to enlarge the buttocks?

Curvier Plus is an American product manufactured with the latest specifications, which has proven its worth in buttock augmentation in particular.

It is the number one product within the buttock augmentation products, as nearly 2000 packages are sold per month around the world at the level of our store only.

We have recently noticed an increase in the demand for Curver Plus capsules, taking into account the increased demand for herbal products and creams that help to enlarge the buttocks.

There are many who are looking for a great product to enlarge the buttocks and sculpt the waist without resorting to surgical butt augmentation.

Curvier plus fast results

Since we are the first to sell this global product (Curvier Plus pills, which are well known), as we were the first to manufacture this wonderful product since its early stages, which is the stage of Curvereo capsules, which was and still is one of the first products sold on our store since its first appearance 10 years ago.

Three generations are available, in order:
Curvier You Ultra capsules 1300 mg.
Curvier plus capsules of 1950 mg.
Curvier Max capsules, 2250 mg.

Add to that the American CurvierĀ  You Ultra cream to enhance the results.
We will not dwell on all types of Curvier You butt enlargement, and in this article, we will talk about Curvier Plus Capsules, and in a later article we will talk about Curvier Max capsules for butt enlargement, so follow us.

Benefits of using these pills:

1- Curvier Plus pills are one of the most important ways to enlarge the buttocks and buttocks effectively and without surgery.
2- It is used to tighten and rotate the buttocks in a consistent and natural way.
3- It is characterized by its natural herbal ingredients.
4- Curvierplus pills stimulate female growth hormones and adipose tissue.

Curvier Plus Capsules:

1- It has no side effects.
2- Its ingredients are 100% natural from herbs.
3- It increases the size of the buttocks without resorting to surgical operations.
4- It contributes to the process of sculpting the waist and directs all the fat in the abdomen to the buttocks and buttocks area.
5- Its results are guaranteed and reliable.
6- Internationally licensed by the World Health Organization FDA.
7- The product is American-made and has several awards.
Watch the video offers of Curveplus butt and buttock augmentation capsules Curvermax Curverio Ultra from Lady Style Store


Method of use and dosage of Curvier Plus pills:

1- Take 3 pills of Curver Plus per day, divided into 3 meals, at a rate of one capsule every 8 hours.
2- It is preferable, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, to use the product for a consecutive period of 3 months, even if early results appear, in order to reach the best possible form.

When should not be used:

1- Curverplus is not to be used by pregnant and lactating women because it may affect the safety of the fetus or infant.
2- Curverplus capsules are not recommended for those who suffer from excessive sensitivity to one of the components of the product.

Negative effects of Curvier Plus:

Curverplus does not have any negative effects. On the contrary, it is the first product in waist sculpting and buttock augmentation and buttock augmentation, and it is a globally licensed product by the World Food and Drug Authority.

Benefits of Curvier Plus butt and buttock augmentation pills:

  • Curvier Plus pills are a herbal product that was made to solve the beauty problems that are limited to butt augmentation and waist sculpting to make the body look perfect and distinctive.
  • It is the perfect herbal product for body sculpting, buttock augmentation, and feminine appearance, an American-made product from Curvier You.

Capsules Ingredients:

1- The black walnut, which grows in the eastern region of North America and is rich in a large number of unsaturated fats and does not affect in any way the level of cholesterol in the blood.
2- Veno Greek is known as a plant that works to rid the body of toxins and eliminate cellulite.
3- The blessed thorn, which grows in the Mediterranean basin and helps to sculpt the waist and enlarge both the buttocks and the buttocks.
4- Kelp, which is a seaweed that works to absorb fat and get rid of obesity.
5- Tyrosine, which stimulates amino acids to produce hormones that control all organs of the body.
6- Dong Quai, which is a root that is used to get rid of fatigue and cramps and contributes greatly to protecting the buttocks from muscle spasms.
7- Dandelion, which expels toxins from the body and renews the work of nerves, and helps to receive fat from the abdomen to the buttocks.
8- Meadowsweet This plant works to fatten the areas of femininity in the body.
9- Watercress, which is effective in directing fat to the buttocks area.
10- Wild Yam is a North American plant that increases femininity in women and transfers fat to the buttocks without affecting the level of cholesterol in the blood.
11- The roots of Maca are one of the herbs that grow in the Andes Mountains and work to improve mood and strengthen the body’s immune system.

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